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Our ranch is located in Yamhill, about 35 miles West of Portland, Oregon. We are raising a small, but fine herd of registered Texas Longhorns.

In today’s market horn size, base and shape matter. But we believe that horn only is not good enough anymore: we are targeting the complete package cow - big horns, great disposition, eye-appealing color, correct conformation, milking ability, outstanding fertility and superior calves.

A strong pedigree top and bottom is important for us – it increases the predictability and adds market value to the offspring. The pedigrees of our cows are stacked for several generations with some of the best bulls in the industry.

It takes a superior bull and a well-producing cow to create a high value calf. We pay attention to select sires that give the cows (and us) a chance to succeed. Over the years we were fortunate to have tremendous sires like Crown’s Smoke Jumper (Crown Royal 007 x Bet I Can), Rodeo Max ST (Maximus ST x Rodeo Redhead ST) or Fey’s Rio Casino (JP Rio Grande x Field of Forget) in our lineup. Time has come for the next bull generation to take over.

We are taking a business approach to raising Texas Longhorns. Healthy competition is a good thing and motivates a breeder to do better. But we are also having fun and are truly enjoying this magnificent breed. Our Longhorns are the reason why we met many wonderful people all across the United States of America.

If you are in our area, please contact us and we love to show our herd to you.

High quality cattle for sale at all times and transportation is available.

 Daniel and Angelina Fey


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